Steel Industry

There has been a steady rise in the demand of steel and steel products over the last few years and with this a steady rise and expansion in the steel industry as well. Since the demand has surpassed the supply many folds, the industry is trying its level best to produce only the best quality product and in return are putting more pressure on their machineries by increasing production. This in return increases the contamination level in their machineries and thus increases the demand of high quality filtration system to help achieve longevity of the machinery and machine parts. With increasing pressure from our clients to provide them with the best quality product so as to enhance the life of their machinery, we are always on our heels to supply the best quality filters and filter elements.


One sector of the industrial world where negligence and mistake have no space. Slightest of faults can lead to major accidents and huge losses to the company as well as the nation as a whole. Thus with space for no mistake we take sheer pride of providing best quality filters to the leading refineries in the country. Be it filters for gas, ATF, hydraulic oil, air or fuel, our name strives only for the best in its field.

Power Industry

Another sector of the society without which the life would come to a standstill. A sector where carelessness got no room to survive. A sector which provides the basic necessity for human life to survive. Only the best quality products got room to survive and thus require only the best quality product from all its vendors. Providing filters that have good life and good contaminant retention capacity has become our sole objective for this sector.

Railway Industry

The best and the cheapest way of transportation in the country which is considered to have one of the biggest rail networks in the world. Filters are required for smooth running of the engines along with those machineries that are required for laying the tracks and the proper functioning of machinery related to this segment of industry.

Plastic Industry

This section has established its strong foot holds, with the wood becoming a tough to get product, and also as a cheap replacement to metal and wood both. With its ability to be molded into any form, this industry has gained new heights over the last couple of years and the demand is ever increasing. With India being the largest producer of plastic in the world, this sector has its demands soaring high for better quality product, and with it the demand for better quality equipments and machineries. One segment where the competition is increasing drastically and the margins falling as well. We strive our best to provide with low cost replacement filters having abilities equivalent to filters from OEM. One thing is always maintained, quality, which is never compromised.