About Us

S.K.G Filtration is one of Leading Filter manufacturing company located at E-3 Ground Floor, Pratap Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. It started in October 2015. Filtration is one of an impotent function in heavy machineries. We are manufacturing filters for deferent sectors. Heavy Engineering, Machinery, Defence , Power, Steel, Cement, Railways and Metallurgical sectors are these. SKG Filtration provides highly quality products for our clients.

Absolute Filtration Rating

The term Absolute in the international market, is defined as the largest spherical particle that will pass through a filter element. The term when applied to a particular size, gives the comparison between deferent elements. However the practice, contaminants are not spherical but random is shape.

Normal Filtration Rating

The Normal filtration rating is an arbitrary value indicated by various filter manufactures and it means that if one volume of oil is flowed through in one minute, then 90-65% of all practices above the quoted normal figure will be removed. This procedure is also called as single pass test.

Multi-pass Filtration Test

This test indicates the performance characteristics of a filter element and involves the continuous injection of controlled contaminants into a test system. As the contaminants can be removed only my test filter it will continue to circulate in the system, unless it is captured. The separation capability of the test filter is monitored by analysing upstream and downstream fluid samples.


This term is commonly used to indicate the measurement of minimum size of contaminants, a filter element can hold. One micron is one of a meter or 0.00003937 inch.